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Duette Fire Rescue District
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The Duette Fire & Rescue Association Inc.
A Florida Not For Profit Organization 

The Duette Fire & Rescue Volunteers were Founded By the Mighty 4H'rs of Duette in December of 1982 and ran the entire fire department by donation. In 2006 by Florida Legislation Duette became a Florida Independent Special Fire District but the Duette Fire & Rescue Association still provides the volunteer firefighters for the district. Over the years the association has grown to provide so much more than just a group of firefighters. The association comes together several times a year conduct fundraisers to provide much need help for the community overall in need. 

The Many Things We Do:

Annual Christmas Gift Giveaway For Those in Need
One of The Duette Fire & Rescue Association's oldest traditions is the annual christmas party for the public providing christmas gifts to the less fortunate whether they live in the district or not. The association averages about 150 kids each year who get a chance to visit Santa and recieve a gift. Many are children of Migrant workers in the area and those less fortunate who may not have gotten anything otherwise.

Helping those in Need:

The Duette Fire & Rescue Association also provides during times of natural disaster or crisis much need food and water supplies. For example during Hurricane Irma in 2017 many were without power for weeks. The Association opened the station to provide folks hot showers, a meal and distribute food and water to those in need. Many donations came in even all the way from Indiana. Much of the donations were distributed throughout the many hard hit areas of Florida and also Puerto Rico. Your donantions make a difference even outside of Duette.

Contact Duette Volunteer Firefighter Association

Do you have a need, a question, or would like more information on Volunteering?

Please Help Us Help Those in Need Donate Today! The Duette Fire & Rescue Association is a 501C3 Florida Non Profit Organization making your donations Tax Deductable. Please help us help those in need, all donations go towards helping first responders with equipment, helping the community duing a crisis, helping a family in need, or giving a gift to a child who otherwise would of had nothing.


Become One of Us:

Everyone has something to contribute responding to emergencies. In Duette we believe if you are willing to help we can find something for you to do. For Example:

  • You may choose to become a certified volunteer firefighter / first responder
  • You may choose to become a first responder only for medical calls
  • You may choose to become brush fire certified and respond to brush fires
  • You may choose a support role as in driving apparatus and scene support.

With the Florida "Grow as You GO" Modular training you can complete as you like. 

Family & Friends 

Family involvment is an important aspect of the Association. Volunteer firefighters can only do what they do when their family members support them. The entire family is an essential part of our organization. Volunteering is more than responding to emergencies, the Association host many events, throughout the year, designed to involve all familiy members as one family. These Include:

  • Family Movie Nights For the Community
  • Various Themed Dinners Like a BBQ or Fish Fry
  • Kids Christmas Party
  • Fire Department Support for Training and Emergency Events
  • Caring for Others

    Fire Chief Jim Leonard
    (Registered Agent) 
    Public Record Custodian
    Duette Fire & Rescue District
    35800 SR 62 E
    Duette Florida 34219

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