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Candidate Skill Evaluations

Seek Thermal Imager

Information Section

Review the Training information provided.

Practical Skills Evaluation

Complete the Practical Skills Evaluation with an officer or designated member. The evaluator will enter the training with their PIN # for validation.

90% to Pass

  1. What are some of the locating abilities?  (Patients in the dark, patients in the water, patients in the brush, gas leak location, overheating circuits and hidden fires)     
  2. What does it cost?  (Approx. $500)                     
  3. When does the battery get charged?  (Plugged in weekly or as needed)
  4. What are some limitations? (Concrete walls, under water, mirrors, insulated glass)
  5. Identify location of the On/Off button and changing the image
  6. Identify charger location within the truck and demonstrate battery charging


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