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State of Florida Special District Requirements

At a minimum, each special district must post the following information on it's official website, please click on any link for information: 

1. General Information

2. Contact Information

  • Mailing Address - 35800 SR62 E Duette Florida, 34219
  • Email -
  • Telephone number - (941) 776-9900
  • Website Address -
  • Registered Agent - Fire Chief Jim Leonard
  • For each governing body member: Commissioners
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Term
  • If applicable the appointing authority (County, Municipality, Govener, etc.) - Not applicable

3. Revenue Information

  • Taxes, Fees, Assessments, or Charges Imposed or Collected
  • Rates or Amounts for the Current Fiscal Year
  • Statutory Authority for the Levy of the Tax, Fee, Assessment, or Charge.

4. General Financial Information 

  • Fiscal Year Period - October 1st - September 30th
  • Tentative Budget - Tentative (Preveous Year) Budget, Tentative (Current Year) Budget
  • Final Adopted Budget - (Preveous Year) Adopted Budget, (Current Year) Adopted Budget
  • Budget Amendments if applicable - None
  • A link to the following page on the Department of Financial Services Website so the public can view the special district's Annual Financial Report.
  • If required, the final, the complete Audit Report for the most recent completed fiscal year, and audit reports required by law or authorized by the governing body of the special district. Annual Financial Statement

5. Code of Ethics

6. Defined Benefit Retirement System or Plan Information

Upon completion of developing its website, each special district must submit its website address to the Special District Accountability Program can link to it from the website.