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Manatee County Environmental Ordinance Open Burning

In Duette most Open Burning is classified Agricultural as such under Manatee Co Ordinance Falls under the Florida Division of Forestry. 

Here is A breakdown of the County Ordinance Jurisdiction:

  • Agricultural Burns - Ch51-2 F.A.C. (Division of Forestry)
  • Silvicultural Burns (Brush Forest Growth Control) - Ch51-2 F.A.C. (Division of Forestry)
  • Rural Land Cleaning - Ch51-2 F.A.C. (Division of Forestry)
  • Range Burning - Ch51-2 F.A.C. (Division of Forestry)
  • Bon Fires & Recreational Fires - Co. Ord. 56-23 (County Permit Notice to Fire Department)
  • Fires to Abate a Fire Hazard - (Notice to EMD, Fire District, Division of Forestry)
  • Fires to Control Disease / Pests - Co. Ord. 56-23 (Approval By EMD, DOF, Law & Fire District)

Florida Fire Prevention Code 69A-60