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Fire Safety Inspections

A fire safety inspection is a visual surface survey for fire safety hazards that may cause a fire, contribute to its rapid growth, or prevent the occupants’ safe escape from a fire.  For Duette Fire Rescue your safety from fire is our #1 concern.

The following are items or behaviors that are checked for compliance:

  • Electrical system deficiencies.
  • Overloaded electrical circuits.
  • Improper storage of flammable liquids.
  • Improper storage of combustible materials.
  • Unacceptable use of extension cords or “gang” plugs.
  • Fire extinguisher size and locations.
  • Fire exits blocked, locked or not provided.
  • Penetrations in fire rated walls or assemblies.
  • Exit signs designating exits.
  • Operating emergency lights where required.
  • Maximum occupant load determination and posting, and
  • Other fire or life safety deficiencies.

Commercial Building Inspections

  • Fire and life safety inspections are performed on non-residential properties in the Duette Fire Rescue District to prevent fires.  Most inspections are unscheduled and conducted during normal business hours.  Any business or person may call the Fire Prevention Division to schedule a fire safety inspection.
  • Duette  provides inspections of State licensed facilities for their re-licensing (daycare centers, adult living facilities, foster care homes, other State licensed facilities etc.), County owned and leased buildings, existing commercial properties, and other requested properties.

If you have questions or need information or assistance, please give us a call (352) 769-7162