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Firefighter Skill Evaluations

Catching a Hydrant

Information Section

Review the Training information provided.

In Manatee County


Reclaimed Hydrants: Lavender in color, must flush tank after use, must use socket type hydrant wrench, not suitable for drinking

Residential Areas: Hydrants are 1,000 feet apart

Commercial Areas: Hydrants are 800 feet apart

Relay: Used to boost pressure

Tandem Pumping: Used to boost volume of water (GPM)

Practical Skills Evaluation

Complete the Practical Skills Evaluation with an officer or designated member. The evaluator will enter the training with their PIN # for validation. 

90% to Pass

Have the trainee demonstrate the proper procedure on catching a hydrant. Make sure that the trainee brings the appropriate items to complete this task.

  1. Radio, spanners, hydrant wrench and adapters

  2. Wraps hydrant and stand in correct location

  3. Signals driver to start the lay

  4. Flushes Hydrant

  5. Dresses the Hydrant Properly with 2 1/2 Gate Valve
  6. Advises command “Ready to charge hydrant”

  7. Doesn’t charge hydrant until ordered by command or operator of apparatus receiving water

  8. Opens hydrant slowly and fully


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