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Candidate Skill Evaluations

4 Gas Meter

Information Section

Review the Training information provided

Practical Skills Evaluation

Complete the Practical Skills Evaluation with an officer or designated member. The evaluator will enter the training with their PIN # for validation.

90% to Pass

  1. What do the 4 different sensors detect?  (Lower Explosive Limits LEL, Oxygen Level O2, Carbon Monoxide CO, and Hydrogen SulfideH2S)
  2. Should an SCBA be worn while using this meter?   (Yes)
  3. What should you do if the alarm/vibrate feature is activated while using the meter during a post fire situation. (If not on air exit building and/or go back SCBA immediately, if on air check readings to determine the cause of activation, then determine course of actions)
  4. Demonstrate turning on the device.
  5. Provide the evaluator the O2 reading once ready for use.  
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